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Mobility and Accessibility

We prouldly offer mobility solution in the greater Boston area so you can maintain independence and life to its fullest!

We conduct a Home Assessment to determine the mobility solutions that will help you now and in the future.

Based on your Home Assessment, we identify the services & solutions you need, which may include:

  • “In-Law” & caregiver suites

  • Stair  and ceiling lift installations

  • Curbless showers and grab bars

  • Kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodeling

  • Inside  and outside mobility support

  • Vertical  and horizontal platform lifts

  • Automatic products

Outside Mobility

Vertical Platform Lifts

Do you want easy access to every level of your home? We help solve the struggle of navigating stairs and provide you with a comfortable ride.
Image 4-18-23 at 10.44 PM.jpg

Inside Mobility

Gain control and protection with products like automatic door openers, lights, thermostats, and locks. Along with major home renovations, we specialize in adding automatic products and completing minor home repairs.

Automatic Products

Wheelchair and power chair users gain independence with a chair lift’s smooth and secure ride that’s also quiet.


This is why… 

  • 79% say they need to modify bathrooms.

  • 71% percent said the inside and outside of their homes have accessibility issues.

  • 62% would consider building an ADU on their property for a loved one who needed care.

Mass Home Modification Loan Program provides 0% financing to homeowners for projects, including ramps, lifts, bathroom and kitchen adaptions, sensory integration spaces, fencing, and the creation of an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or “in-law”/caregiver suite.

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